Project of Dental Clinic {Co.Misura} Elda

We are proud to present the dental clinic project {co.misura} in Elda (Alicante). We have collaborated with a great team that forms the clinic.

With their ideas and development of the project, alomg with our advice and experience with materials, we decided that both on the floors, as walls and countertops, the best option would be a porcelain.

This material provide us with an aesthetic key, allowing the creation of infinite spaces where the joints and the functional key are minimized, as well as being an ecological and environmentally friendly material, it is waterproof, hygienic (since it does not allow reproduction of bacteria), resistant to stains, chemicals and scratches.

It is always a pride to see the results of our collaborations!

These beautiful photos prove it.

Thanks to the whole team for your trust!

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