Project of Dental Clinic {Co.Misura} Elda

We are proud to present the dental clinic project {co.misura} in Elda (Alicante). We have collaborated with a great team that forms the clinic.

With their ideas and development of the project, alomg with our advice and experience with materials, we decided that both on the floors, as walls and countertops, the best option would be a porcelain.

This material provide us with an aesthetic key, allowing the creation of infinite spaces where the joints and the functional key are minimized, as well as being an ecological and environmentally friendly material, it is waterproof, hygienic (since it does not allow reproduction of bacteria), resistant to stains, chemicals and scratches.

It is always a pride to see the results of our collaborations!

These beautiful photos prove it.

Thanks to the whole team for your trust!

Acquisition of cutting and modulating machine


Project funded by the Ministry of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Commerce and Labor. General Directorate of Industry and Energy (Proyecto financiado por la Conselleria de Economía Sostenible, Sectores Productivos, Comercio y Trabajo. Dirección General de Industria y Energía.)


Program: grants to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of industrial SMEs in the footwear, ceramic, metal-mechanical, textile, toy, marble, wood-furniture and lighting, chemical, automotive and plastic sectors of the Valencian Community.



File: INPYME / 2018/344


Extension and improvement of the hergon stone production system


Project funded by the Ministry of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Commerce and Labor. General Directorate of Industry and Energy (Proyecto financiado por la Conselleria de Economía Sostenible, Sectores Productivos, Comercio y Trabajo. Dirección General de Industria y Energía.)


Program: industrialization grants for investments of industrial SMEs that improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the footwear, ceramic, metal-mechanical, textile, toy, marble and furniture and lighting sectors of the Valencian Community.

Project: Expansion and improvement of the HERGON production system.

Investment: Acquisition of a FLOW Dynamic WATERJET water cutting machine and an ECHO 725 CNC numerical control molding and cutting machine.

Grant received: € 62,580.00

File: INPYME / 2017/107

The natural stone with other materials

Natural stone is one of the elements with the most interesting properties for interior and exterior coverings, depending on the type of stone and the chosen finish, it adapts to both rustic or classic styles, as ultra-modern, it creates a feeling of comfort, elegance and even becomes a luxury difficult to match, since it blends perfectly with any other material, both with wood, glass or metals.


That is why at Hergon Stone we believe in the good symbiosis of all materials, as long as all are of long-lasting durability.

Our creations such as natural stone and propositions lead us in most cases to unite, intertwine, and combine certain materials to achieve very striking compositions, using colours and shapes that make a sublime set, always pointing towards desires and interests of our clients, although we usually advise previously, since what we are always looking for is a satisfied end customer, who can show off their stays and that their guests feel very comfortable with the environment achieved with our creations and designs. We can combine modern design with more classic natural stone designs, as well as elements in various materials that combine perfectly with the final design.

Therefore, if what you need is to renew any of the rooms of your home, local or business, create a distinguished, unique, cosy atmosphere, a place where your guests or visitors remember and talk about it, don´t hesitate to contact us. We will offer you many possibilities, and we will adjust them until you come up with the idea that forms an exceptional work. To contact us you can click on the following link, or look for our contact channels at the bottom of this page. We wait for you!


Kitchen countertops design trends 2017

The kitchen is the heart of the house and our favourite place to meet friends and family. For these reasons, we don’t want it to become obsolete. The perfect excuse to have a new kitchen is now that spring is coming, creating a new kitchen that is beautiful and highly functional. If you have decided that this year is the time for an update, here are some of the main kitchen design trends for 2017 that can provide a wonderful inspiration for kitchen remodelling this year.

Part of the creation of an elegant and functional kitchen, creating a more aesthetically pleasing work area, is the new tendency to hide appliances. Homeowners and designers now have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing appliances that are specifically designed to blend perfectly with the rest of the kitchen. There are several options in the market for the integration of devices without problems, from personalized finishes to match the cabinets of sizes and shapes that allow appliances to be incorporated into kitchen islands.

Another of the most successful trends this year is the kitchen island. With the kitchen well established as the main meeting place in the home, the kitchen island is becoming its most important feature to accommodate cooking, socialization and eating. Therefore, larger kitchen islands will be a tendency to consider, as they replace the need for formal dining rooms and dining tables and chairs.

Finally, sustainability will continue to prosper as a top trend for kitchen designs in 2017. The main ways to achieve sustainable kitchen designs include lighting, efficient appliances A +, A ++. LED lighting is becoming popular in particular to achieve eco-friendly kitchen designs that are beautiful and functional. This type of lighting not only provides lighting for work areas, but also adds ambient lighting that creates a comfortable environment and makes the design more prominent.

In addition to LED lighting and energy efficient appliances, cabinets and countertops made of natural materials will continue to reign as better design options. Homeowners and designers are looking for cabinets made of wood, and countertops made of natural stone or other surfaces made of renewable resources or recycled elements.

Hergon Stone Art & Design can help owners and designers incorporate these trends into their kitchen designs with our wide selection of quality stone products. Take a look and start enjoying marble, granite, silestone, and other types of natural stone and surfaces in our materials section. Or send a contact form and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

Our services in natural stone work

At Hergon Stone, we have well defined sections in which we offer high quality services for all our clients, since we have been working for the most demanding clients for more than a decade and carrying out works of great complexity and great scope. Here are the services we offer in detail:


Everything starts in some way, and once the commercial management with the client are finished, we are ready to create your order with the most avant-garde softwares, which allow us to create each project with a precision to the millimeter, being able to represent each project from its beginning until its final export. It does not matter the quantity of elements that each design contains, as well as the fusion between them with the different materials chosen by our client, as we have the latest machinery and professional operators who promise and offer an optimal finish to all jobs in natural stone to be presented to us.


This process is very important for when the client wishes to see how his project could look once it is finished and placed, because it allows to see the project through computer renderings, in different angles and contrasts, as well as sketches and sketches on paper, in the that can be devised or nuanced other possible ways of designing the project. As far as the virtual view is concerned, it is very important to have the most powerful softwares, since this allows to show the client the various nuances of the project, possible changes in textures, materials, sizes, shapes, whether rosettes, columns, capitals … An endless number of previous configurations that will help the client to see their work completed before doing it and having it finished.



Once the design has been stored in the database, we go directly to the machine, and through the operating system of the machine itself the saved project is searched, it may be possible to add some data such as the hardness or characteristics of the material, taking into account the type of cut you want to obtain since it can vary from the grossest, to the most defined, since the edges of the cut are clean and without imperfections. All this will depend on the utility that you want to give to the pieces, shapes or places where they will be placed.



To obtain optimal results, it is necessary that all the pieces fit perfectly, thus creating the illusion that everything is part of the same piece, perfect, polished and without any delimiting mark that could damage the finish of the project, when you ask us for works of pavement rosettes, all this is taken into account, thus offering an exceptional finish. The surface finish of a material also defines its final use. Bush hammered tiles, aged or flamed, are perfect for outdoor paving. While smooth or polished surfaces such as rosettes and smooth tiles are ideal for interiors, giving a bright and luminous effect to the environments. Taking into account that surfaces are going to use the different materials, we can create very modern and classic environments, the designs and compositions have no measure, we offer a wide variety of combinations, advising our customers the most appropriate materials and forms in each case.


Once the project is finished, we pack it with the greatest security and protection, so that when they arrive at their destination, they do not suffer any damage and arrive in perfect conditions for their subsequent placement. Using approved transport materials for this purpose. We send our orders to any part of the world, because we have a lot of experience in making international exports, and more and more our presence is noticeable in much of the world, our jobs and customers support us.

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