At Hergon Stone we have always been renewing our systems, learning new techniques and always being attentive to new trends as far as the world of natural granite or marble is concerned, and on this occasion, we have incorporated the ECHO 725 CNC milling machine into our company.

It is a cutting numerical control molding machine, it has 5 interpolated axes with a 500mm Z axis stroke, rotating disk-holder head from -5 ° to + 365 ° and tiltable from 0 ° to 90 °, for execution orthogonal cuts up to 250mm, oblique, circular, elliptical, inclined, straight, concave, convex, arc, and solid wood excavations of two-dimensional and three-dimensional section. With this system we can perform the most complicated and demanding jobs that our customers ask us.


-System of raising and lowering with the blade that carries the head, formed with a recirculation ball, lead nut (tuerca de plomo) and ACS safety system.
– Brushless motors and high precision gearboxes are used for all disk units.
-Rotation of the head (C axis) from -5 ° to 365 °. Head tilt (A axis) from 0 ° to 90 °
-Slipping of the carriage of the blade (X and Y axis) in linear guides for recirculating balls in an oil bath.


ISOSAG – MiniCAD software to create the modeling of files being able to perform straight or concave and convex arc shapes with both verticals thanks to the horizontal blades.
The software allows the import of 2D and 3D DXF, IGES, STL, PNT, STEP and RHINO file formats and to define shapes and surfaces using laser scanning. You can configure multiple processes: roughing, drilling, profiling, emptying and polishing, they are performed optimizing the execution process.
The arrangement and production of the parts is done automatically through the management of tools and tool holders, with interference checking.

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